Why Us? No Fix, No Fee!

Our experienced technicians have more than 30 years combined experience in the industry and there is not much they cannot fix. We specialise in the non-warranty repairs of iPhones, iPads and a varied range of Android and Windows phones and tablets. However, if we cannot give your device back to you repaired and ready to go then we will not charge you a penny. And we also provide a three-month warranty on all of our work to ensure that you are happy with what we have done.

We Can Help with these & more:

  • Liquid Damage Treatment
  • Dropped/Physical Damaged Phones
  • Phone Reconditioning
  • Power Faults
  • Screen Replacement
  • Battery/Charging Problems
  • Speaker/Microphone Faults
  • Camera Fault
  • Housing/Chassis Replacements
  • WAP/MMS Issue
  • Signal Reception Issue
  • Sashay/Back Glass Replacement
  • Portal/Microphone Replacement
  • Camera Replacement
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Repair Prices

iPhone Screen Repair
4s £35
5 £40
5c £40
5s/SE £40
6 £40
6 Plus £50
6s £40
6s Plus £50
7 £50
7 Plus £60
8 £60
8 Plus £60
2020 SE / 2022 SE £60
X (soft OLED) £80
XR £70
XS (soft OLED) £110
XS Max (soft OLED) £150
11 £70
11 Pro (soft OLED) £140

11 Pro Max

(Hard OLED) £130 (soft OLED) £180

12 / 12 Pro

(incell) £100 (soft OLED) £130

12 Mini

(Hard OLED) £130

12 Pro Max

(incell) £160


(incell) £120

13 Mini

available upon request

13 Pro Max

available upon request


incell £130

soft oled £160

iPhone Battery
4s £25
5 £30


5s/SE £30
6 £35
6 Plus £35
6s £35
6s Plus £35
7 £40
7 Plus £40
8 £40
8 Plus £40
2020 SE £40
X £50
XR £60
XS £60
XS Max £60


11 Pro


11 Pro Max £70

iPhone Port Connector
4s £25
5 £35 new / £20 clear out
5c £35 new / £20 clear out
5s/se £35 / £20 clear out
6 £40 / £20 clear out
6 Plus £40 / £20 clear out
6s £40 / £20 clear out
6s Plus £40 / £20 clear out
7 £50 / £30 clear out
7 Plus £50 /£30 clear out
8 £50 / £30 clear out
8 Plus £50 / £30 clear out
2020 SE £50 / £30 clear out
X £50 / £30 clear out
XR £60 / £30 clear out
XS £60 / £30 clear out
XS Max £60 / £30 clear out
11 Series £70 / £30 clear out

I’m not sure my phone... can be fixed??

There are many reasons why your phone or tablet may not be functioning as it should - or not functioning at all! But our technicians like a challenge and, more often than not, they have dealt with the problem before.

We can help with common problems such as liquid damage, dropped and damaged devices, battery and charging problems and screen replacement.

But also with more technical issues such as camera or microphone faults, chassis replacements, signal reception issues and WAP/MMS problems.

FRequently asked questions

The length of time needed to repair a device depends on the specific problem - and if we first need to discover what the problem is before we repair it.
Minor repairs usually take a couple of hours and we will advise you as soon as possible if we need longer.

We always give a quote on every repair and if it happens that it can not be fixed then there is no charge.
We can also advise you on the next steps to take if the problem is one that we cannot help with.

We provide a three-month warranty on all of the work that we do.

If you have any further issues or there is something that you are not sure about you can come back and speak to us at any time.

You can, but we can do one best. Click here to access our collection and delivery service.

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What Our Clients Say

Excellent, fast service Good price - far, far less than Apple quoted!!

Jocelyn Lewis

Very good service. highly recommended

Zoe Clare Owen

Took my daughters iPhone in for a replacement screen. Turns out it also needed a new camera and home button as well! At all stages they kept me updated on progress, despite the extra work it was only delayed by a few hours. The phone works great again now, the camera is back to its best and. Daughter is delighted. Great value to too. Can’t recommend this great little shop enough!

Jason King

I recommend to all my friends good service fair and prices.

Wendy Hopwood

Great place for advice.Prompt service at a price you can offord.Amazing staff.xx

Julie Baker

Brilliant service. Fixed screen on IPhone 5c at a really good price, excellent communication and really fast repair. Phone is as good as new. I have no hesitation in recommending The Phone Box for all mobile repairs. Thankyou!!!

Kezza Lou

Come and chat to us

If you have questions about your phone or device and are not sure whether we can help we would love for you to get in touch for a chat - it may be that it is a very simple issue that we can solve for you, and if you do not ask you will never know!

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